Dr. William R. Kossol, O.D.

William R. Kossol, O.D. holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences degree from St. Vincent College and a B.S. in Visual Sciences and Doctor of Optometry degrees from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has been in private practice since graduating in 1985, and started his own Chancellor practice in August of 2001.

Dr. Kossol was trained in primary eye care. He does very comprehensive eye examinations which include the refraction (determination of the prescription), a binocular vision and focusing evaluation, and a thorough ocular health check. The office has specialized equipment which is state-of-the-art. In addition, Dr. Kossol places a special emphasis in fitting specialty contact lenses, managing laser vision correction, and pediatrics. He is also licensed to prescribe medications for eye infections or allergies, treat most eye injuries and diseases, and treat dry eyes.

When appropriate, Dr. Kossol sends referrals to primary care physicians or specialists to treat systemic conditions detected during the eye examination, or to eye surgeons for treatment of eye diseases or surgery. Reports are also sent to school nurses and/or teachers regarding vision problems detected in children.

Dr. Kossol has enjoyed being an investigator or sub-investigator in over forty Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved clinical trials of new ocular therapeutic drugs and new contact lenses materials. The office stays current on all aspects of eye care, and strives to educate the community on prevention and treatment of eye disorders. In 1995, Dr. Kossol was appointed and presently serves on the National Panel of Optometrists - Review of Optometry Magazine.

Chancellor Eye Care is an approved externship site for up and coming Optometrists. We have hosted students on the high school, college and graduate level. If a future in the eye care field interests you, feel free to ask Dr. Kossol or his staff questions!

We accept donations of used but wearable eye glasses. These glasses can be repaired if needed, cleaned, and distributed locally or abroad for those less fortunate. Dr. Kossol has personally distributed locally donated eye glasses on his mission trips abroad. The Fredericksburg Lions Club also has a drop off box in his office for no longer needed glasses. Please help us help others with "the gift of sight" by donating your old eyeglasses.

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