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Since vision problems are usually easy to detect and correct when discovered early in life, it is important for parents to bring children in for a complete eye examination at least by age four or five. If there is a family history of eye problems or parents suspect something is not right with their children's eyes, they should have the child examined by the age of one. All children should have a comprehensive eye examination prior to starting school.

It is important to remember that 70-80% of learning is dependent on vision. Children are often labeled or considered underachievers if they have difficulty in school when it is often the result of an uncorrected vision problem. If your child avoids reading, holds the book too close, squints, rubs the eyes, complains of headaches while reading, or has watery or tired eyes, the child should have an eye examination.

At Chancellor Eye Care we pride ourselves on catering to the specific needs of all children. Our doctors and the optical staff are great with kids!

Sports Goggles

Over 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are reported annually which can often lead to sight-threatening problems and blindness. Most of these could have been prevented. The top 7 sports with the highest rate of eye injury:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball/ Softball
  • Water sports
  • Lacrosse/Hockey
  • Football
  • Tennis and other racquet sports
  • Soccer

Direct contact with balls, or fingers and elbows of other athletes causes these injuries. These are especially risky for younger children as their hand/eye coordination and reaction time is not mature yet.

Prevent eye injuries caused by sports with protective sports goggles from Chancellor Eye Care. Don't be a statistic. Keep your eyes and your children's eyes protected.

Gentle and Patient

Your children are in good hands at Chancellor Eye Care. Our experienced and knowledgeable optometrists and opticians are gentle and patient with even the youngest of clients. We're committed to protecting their young eyes so they can excel in whatever they want to do in life.

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